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Welcome to the Website Alchemy
Alchemy Publishers is a fairly new private publishing company just started in 2010.
If you are interested in publishing your work with us we welcome your suggestions.

We invite you to submit your ideas in brief form, no more than two pages.

We promise to read them and if interested we will get back to you.
We may be new in the field of publishing, but we look forward to growing together.
As a small company we feel we can offer the personal  service and assistance the larger companies so often cannot. 
Please send all attachments to

Toxins Release, Hypnotic Journey Event at the Duncan Center





Other more unusual events and seminars are coming up if interested please call 561-866-9041


Novel, Rags to Riches autobibliography, Make Miracles and Millions Now, by self-made millionaire can be purchased right here at Alchemy Publisher's "So easy a child can do it"

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Video or Book



Video or Book

Imagination is more important than Knowlewdge

Albert Einstein


Experience the true nature of health with holistic approaches

that address the root cause of our current epidemics. At the

core of our being we are pure energy and to address health

imbalances without considering the whole body is to miss the

mark in solving the health crisis.

 Is “mainstream” medicine              

our only health care choice?  Find out.   561-866-9041 schedule an appointment

Lorraine Blum, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author













For further information call 561-866-9041 or email
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