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Welcome to the Website Alchemy
Alchemy Publishers is a fairly new private publishing company just started in 2010.
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So Sorry No New Manuscripts will be taken at this time.

The following books are now available for sale online in bookstores and on this site.


New Book, 'Outer Room' By Lorraine Blum

MYSTERY WITH A TWIST OF FANTASY.  Buy online or call 561-866-9041

News Anchor

Keeping everyone up to speed! Lorraine Blum has earned the News Anchor Award for having an article accepted in the News & Society category!

Alternative Health Expo at Duncan Center in Delray Beach Fl 2012 was a great success!  Next one 2019


'Make Miracles & Millions Now'  Author giving Symposium about Creating Wealth from Nothing july 2018  
Reserve early 866-9041 for RSVP and information.

Other Events and seminars are coming up, if interested please call 561-866-9041

Novel, Rags to Riches auto-bibliography, Make Miracles and Millions Now, by self-made multi-millionaire can be purchased right here at Alchemy Publisher's "So easy a child can do it"

 Now available  



Video or Book

Imagination is more important than Knowlewdge

Albert Einstein


Experience the true nature of health with Alternative approaches

that address the root cause of our current epidemics. At the

core of our being we are pure energy and to address health

imbalances without considering the whole body and our creator is to miss the

mark in solving the health crisis.

 Is “mainstream” medicine              

our only health care choice?  Find out.  Schedule an appointment. Rev. Lorraine Blum, LCSW, MSc, Chw, Tftdx, Rm



Fantasy about bird coming down from heaven to oversee a fallen angel that thinks she is a human.
Buy online (Lorraine Blum Jolly's Sacred Songs' or call 561-866-9041



 New Orleans Atmosphere incredible recipes in a humorous positive approach cook book
Back by popular demand.  Buy online  Lorraine Blum The Magic Experience

Buy all others online

Positive Words & Affirmations Pocket Book
Never leave it at home!


Cute unique story about a loved cat and his  adventures (Part of the dream series)




For further information call 561-866-9041 or email
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