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Make Miracles & Millions

The book you requested is now available for sale and you can purchase it right here, right now or online  Google, Lorraine Blum Make Miracles & Millions Now.

True rags to riches bibliography by Lorraine Blum LCSW, Msc, NBCCH, RM, TFTdx
"Make Miracles & Millions Now"  Straight off the press only $24.95

Author Lorraine Blum came from the South Bronx from poverty, later living in wealth in Palm Beach Florida.  
This is how she earned that money, and it is so easy a child can do it.
Included in book is  SEO information as well as some interesting health secrets.

Also small class starting in August 6, 2018  in Delray Beach.  only $75 so RSVP early.561-866-9041

During her formal education she worked her way through College and Graduate School performing magic,  she created a magical illusion for entertaining purposes called it 'Through time', this allows one after choosing a card to go back twenty years for it's prediction. it can be purchased here for eighty dollars.  For more information call 561-866-9041

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