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True rags to riches bibliography by Lorraine Blum LCSW, Msc, NBCCH, RM, TFTdx
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"Imagination is more Important than Knowledge"                                                           
Albert Einstein

So true, at first I wondered about that comment, but soon after giving it some thought I realized he was right.  We would not even have a stove, refrigerator or table without imagining them first.  Further than that, one of the most important reasons to follow that thought is being able to create your miracles, by first imagining them.  

After that keep the one miracle, not only in your imagination but also in prayer and meditation.  Imagine daily.  Then start acting on it.  I did that and made millions.

Your only limitation is your imagination.  Imagine having your dream, imagine creating what you want.  Imagine having the life you want, imagine being who you want to be, who you really are.  With the use of the internet, which, by the way, I did not have at the time I created my miracle, of making millions.  (I had no knowledge at all of the internet, you do.)  With that knowledge at your fingertips, do not you agree your only limitation is your imagination.

So act, read books on the subject that relates to your dream.  That is what I did.  I read all the books I could find about how the millionaires and billionaires made their money, those that did it on their own.  Then I even wrote a book about how I made the millions myself, called "Make Miracles & Millions Now." 

 I did not make the money that way, I am, I have to admit not that good at editing, I really never took a course on writing, or even gave it much attention in Jr High.  I skipped High School, it was a dangerous school in a dangerous neighborhood.  Later I took the GED and went to College, (Lehman) and then Graduate School, (Tulane) and then Seminary (The New Seminary) However, I still need a lot of training in grammar, I am afraid.  It is a subject I am not interested in at all and hope someday to meet a great editor, or an inspirational teacher that could take me there.

For now, know that your imagination is the key to what you want.  Some of you are better at it than others and have no problems using that wonderful ability.  There may be some that have to work at it a little bit harder.  Make it fun, that is another key to success make what you do fun.  Enjoy imagining, laugh have a great time with it.  It truly is a blessing.

Author Lorraine Blum came from the South Bronx from poverty, later living in wealth in Palm Beach Florida.  
This is how she earned that money, and it is so easy a child can do it.
Included in book is  SEO information as well as some interesting health secrets.

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During her formal education she worked her way through College and Graduate School performing magic,  she created a magical illusion for entertaining purposes called it 'Through time', this allows one after choosing a card to go back twenty years for it's prediction. it can be purchased here for eighty dollars.  For more information call 561-866-9041

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